docu/mental exhibition in bulart gallery

The exhibition, arranged in Bulart gallery, simulate museum space, which were collected relics and evidence of existence. Trying to record events and processes, simulation of history, presented with a dose of irony and humor. Objects in the project are real newspapers, magazines, catalogs, invitations and posters, belongs of the real archives of the real gallery Bulart, collected in last 12 years. More of 100 kilos in variable dimension is documentation for gallery’s activity. Another object is a door from WC room in gallery and it was place for graffiti reaction in whole 2003, made of 10 artists and journalists close to the gallery. Three glass jars of preserves are consistent - a large sea salt crystals and blue pigment powder / property of the artist Simeon Stoilov/, stub of cigarettes and ash in second one and third is empty. The title of work is called "Tears, hope and reflections /of the lady- gallerist/. Interactive text installation in English "it's my ... ..." stayed in the wall and everybody from the audience can write in it. To make it easy there are jokers - "work", "love", "life", "death", "hobby", "home", "museum", "pain", "joy", "passion", "hope". texts and documents are base tools for art research in the space. By means of ready-made, installation and object this project looking for answers about the role of curator and gallerist today, about simulation and manipulation of the art history by documentation, ask about the need of contemporary arts museum in Bulgaria and culture policy.The project is a reflection of the thinking about relation artist –institution and need of working market for contemporary art. The project was made by the curator of the gallery Dora Doncheva. here she plays a role of the artist and this game is a example for manipulation of history by means of documentation, it is example of changing the places and meaning in present art situation. Same time to be a owner/curator/manager of gallery for contemporary art in Bulgaria is a conceptual project , de facto. In this case Bulart Gallery is Dora Doncheva’s project and as a result of this art symbiosis was born a new structure or form, called Dora Bulart – it is not a gallery, not a human being – it is something looking for identity. Is it possible to find the answer we will know this saturday - 14 march 2009, when the project will finish by action in The Sea Garden in Varna.
To be continued…soon... :-)

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