memo.real -mona jas /germany/

opening: 10th august at 8 p.m.
yuka gallery, 23 v.drumev str.varna

Mona Jas /Germany/ - “All items auctioned by Christian Schimanski over the internet in the last six years”
DV film, loop, 8 min, stereo / soundtrack by Curd Duca ; in co-operation with Holger Friese/ and paintings

The movie “All items auctioned by Christian Schimanski over the internet in the last two years“ presents items who had been sold or bought by a user named “schimanski.net“ on ebay. The slideshow of goods presents a deep view into the private life of a specific person. A frying pan and a golden coin, palm trees and loudspeakers, a watch and RAM bays had been transfered between seller and buyer. But it remains speculatively, who hides behind the pseudomyn and if he (she) was the seller or buyer. The images can be interpreted in several ways. The simple removal to a new flat or a heartbreaking split. Sudden prosperity or a financial disaster, which needed to be covered with a garage sale. “schimanski.net” is the only person who knows the true story, but you’re invited to create your own.

Mona Jas was born in Rheden/The Netherlands. 1989-94 Studied fine arts at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin. 1995 Joined the master class of Professor Katharina Sieverding. Lives and works in Berlin.
In centre of her art works is the theme of individual identity within the political battleground of society. Memory, perception and language shape, consolidate and alter man’s inner identity, which shows itself to the outside world in lifestyles and rituals. Her work is based on film and photography; she conductes interviews, produces cinematic productions and photographic studies. Also she use audiovisual ‘ready mades’ – video and audio material found online, TV fragments and home movies.

memo.real - collateral event - august in art - biennial for visual arts - varna 2010

my partner for the project: ES gallery /Merano,Italy/- www.erwinseppi.org

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