memo.real - angel karagiozov

angel karagiozov installation project
10th august 2010 in vitra gallery. 88-90 skobelev str. varna

ангел карагьозов представя проект инсталация и обекти
галерия витра, ул.скобелев 88-90
откриване на 10 август от 19.00ч

Angel Karagiozov works into the field of conceptual art.He is multidisciplinary artist and he used the tools of installation, simulation and performance for his artistic researches into the field of collective memory.He has interest in unconsciousness human understanding of present life and his research simulate reflections of artifacts from spiritual and historical point of view.He mixed human past and future and plays with the meaning of words,he changes the places of our framed concepts and creates provocations used ready made,drawings or visitors reactions during his exhibitions.

Angel Karagiozov /1978, Varna/ has finished his art education in Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna /1997 – 2003/ and he had specialization in Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts, Paris – Cergy /2004 – 2005/. He has taken participation in several exhibitions and curatoral projects in Germany, Italy, Austria, France and Bulgaria. He has 4 solo exhibitions in Austria,France and Bulgaria.His last project "2012" was presented in con.tempo - weekend for contemporary art in Varna,2009. Angel Karagiozov is a member of Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Österreichs and International Association of Art. Since 2006 he lives and works in Varna.

memo.real - collateral event- august in art- biennial for visual arts- varna 2010
curator dora doncheva-bulart

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