memo.real - video presentation

memo.real - collateral event- august in art -biennial for visual arts- varna 2010

wilfried agricola de cologne/germany/
vienne chan/china/
marisa benjamim/portugal/
nuno vicente /france/

music cafe look. 60 knyaz boris I blvd
presentation :12 august at 9 p.m.

memo.real is a curatorial project by dora bulart dedicates to urban cultural behavior and present form of collective memory. It is a collateral event into the program of august in art- biennial for visual arts, varna, 2010.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologna /Germany/

"en [code] ed II”, 2008, DVD, miniDV(PAL), 5'30''
Digital video created by media artist Agricola de Cologne, inspired by a visit of Thessaloniki. The work describes the principle of “code” or “coding” in form of an allegory, a metaphoric story as a ritual of meeting, dominating and resigning. The code is identified as a state of the static, dogmatic and conservative, which asks for obedience, but gives no chance to escape.In technological concern, the work is non-linear programmed in Flash and integrates different digital media, created, modified and remixed by the artist.Voice and sound performance by Agricola de Cologne.
"Truth - Paradise Found", 2004, miniDV, 3'00'',
-->Award for Best experimental film in International Shortfilm Festival Budapest 2007
The video tells the story of the human desire to be as close to truth as possible. But who ever will succeed while living a life dominated by the fast running time and endless searching?If there is any paradise, then monks or people really resting within themselves find a paradise close to truth close to GOD. But it is only truth people are believing in. Is there absolute truth?The video consists of three sections, a spiritual and a physical section and the acting level, the artist who is filming the scene, an intruder who become witness of a ritual of truth.This basic video wasfilmed at the Rila Monastery, the spiritual centre of Bulgaria.
"Silent Cry", 2008, mini DV, 3'05''
Silent Cry is the visualization of an internal cry happening all the time, when society does not allow to show deep emotional affection. The silent cry is always present caused by never ending traumatizations during decades hidden behind the facade people wants to see.And even if the cry would be be seen or heard, people would refuse to face it.

* Wilfried Agricola de Cologne is a multidisciplinary media artist, director of shortfilms & videos, New Media curator and founder & director of the Cologne based [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork],the experimental platform for art and New Media and director of CologneOFF – Cologne International Videoart Festival.He is living and working in Cologne/Germany. As an artist, he had more than 100 solo exhibitions in cooperation with 80 museums in Europe, South America and USA, he is participating since 2000 in more than 500 media exhibitions and festivals around the globe.
Vienne Chan /China/

"t(raum)", 2010, 3'48''
A play between the German words “traum” (dream) and “raum” (room). The way the designation in architecture sculpts mental landscapes. Shot in Tierpark Zoo in East Berlin.
"Ophelia", 2010, 2'05''
In the water, a sentence repeats. “Sois mienne pour toujours” means “be mine forever” in French. The desire for individual possession consummates.
"Un papillon sur Papineau" (Original French title; English translation: A butterfly on Papineau), 2009, 3'29''
A butterfly in the rain. Caught in a web of discordance, lost its way when it went looking for unity. Waiting hesitantly to be swallowed by the rain on Papineau Boulevard.
*Vienne Chan was born in Hong Kong and studied the philosophy of religion in Canada. She began making experimental videos independently in 2007 and has been screening internationally since then. Her works vary in subject matter but all strive towards an independence from the social constructs of natural language - and in a similar vein, the ruination of identity. With a somewhat nomadic background, the concept of indeterminacy is of special interest to Vienne.

Marisa Benjamim /1981,Portugal/

"My grandmother", 2010, 07'21"
A short documentary about the vision of a grandmother and older geeration on Portugal.
"Ikebana", 04'02"
It is an invitation for a walk in the mountain. A sensitive narrative of a perception and experience of nature.
"Untitled", 02'48"
Sometimes you have to follow the butterfly to find your own way, learn how to camuflage, when stop and when to fly.

Nuno Vicente /1981,France/

"Palavras ao interior" (Words to the interior);minidv, 2'48'', 2010
Referred to the Cartesian dichotomy that pits the mind to the body, the
conversation is operated by a micro digital recorder, an indirect monologue of the consciousness towards the interior. A symbolic act that can be seen as the attempt of a reconciliation between the suggested elements, part of the same, in a mutual and immemorial conflict originated by an ambiguous mediation with the exterior.
Fragmento de uma acção (Fragment of an action) ; minidv, 03´12´´,2010
Remembering the processes of memory, in permanent mutation, a sentence that does not want to disappear shows by its own subject the difficulty of the negation of a process based on its own logic. Searching for the non verbal and the stage that precedes the action, this video can easily be understood as the concern of the individual in opposition to principal agents of approximation between humans. Language can also be seen as a factor that distances one from his inner self.

* berlinerpool is parner for presentation of marisa benjamim, nuno vicente and vienne chan. berlinerpool is an international artist initiative that structures a cooperative network of artists,curators and art spaces,based in Berlin, Germany. http://www.berlinerpool.de/

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