13 years bulart gallery& annual awards /english/

Paolo Vivian /1962, Serso di Pergine, Italy/ received the award for his artistic research into the field of collective memory, for his visual language and dialog with the audience. Another reason for the award was his succseful presentation of the project "Dindele Dondele campano' " and performances "Ding.Dong" during First international fair for contemporary art ARTVILNIUS '09 in Vilnius, Lithuania. In these projects Vivian explores contemporary religious behavior by sending a message of tolerance for difference; he asks questions for formalization of the faith and sends his call for honesty in communication, for humanism and naturalness.

Dimitar Traychev / 1952, Shoumen/for his dinamic creativity and support of young artists in Varna in several collective exhibitions and projects.

Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto /1979, Varna/ received the annual Bulart gallery's award for young artist for his creative research on contemporary icons and fetishes and personal identity, the subject of his art; also for his series of successful projects implemented in Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and Denmark in 2009.

The award is a little silver badge/ insignia - both as jewel and as a logo symbolizes the confidence and respect for the creativity and artistic searches, respect to professionalism. For that sign was used the Glagolitic symbol of the Creator, which is a triangle with a circle on the top. The sing is composed into a square and symbolizes also the unity (triangle), harmony (circles) and stability (square); short-of matter and the strength and eternity of the spirit. The insignia is transitional. The winner of the previous year will give the award to the new winner and next year he has a duty to forward it to the next winner. The award is an act of empathy and it is intangible terms, it is primarily a spiritual and emotional act of recognition.
Bulart gallery entrances in teen period:-) Hope to be together next art year too!
Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dora Doncheva, curator

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