outlet.bulart.2008,curatorial text in english

Outlet .2008.bulart

The project creates a false market segment. 12 trendy artists with trendy collection prints, objects and paintings presented in 3 short time exhibitions in Bulart gallery.
Those artists had been presented in the last year. They are well-known for Bulart audience. All of the art works in the collection has been viewed. It is outlet. The project “outlet.2008” is game by words and exchange of the meanings. “outlet” is a pop-culture term for low price sales for trendy goods and dress collections as a D& G, Maxmara, Armani etc. The purpose of the project is an aesthetic provocation. The project stay also against the habits to follow the fashion leaders and massmedia models without thinking. The project is a call for personal and culture identification and individuality. Same time there is an irony line. There are old artworks, the price is low, artists are from Bulgaria and Italy and the dresscode is violet. Very trendy but the contemporary art market in Bulgaria is in catatonia and it is funny to speak for trendy, mark, special seasonal price and trendy artist or art works. It is funny because no body think for art and no body search contemporary trend in art. It is paradox game and violet dreams.
Dora Doncheva

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