Giorgia Brunelli & Luciano Olzer. Snow-White and Night- Black. Kunstart 10 /english version/


a metamorphosis of a well-known tale.an unexpected and dark approach to the tale of Snow-White,through a multimedia and porcelain installation.
/Music by Giuliano Beber and Luciano Olzer;Starting from left (clockwise): Nignt-Black/Snow-White and Mother-Mistress/ When he turned back, it was too late/ Snow-White /

The body of Snow-White laid,naked,in the crystal coffin.Her sleep was dense and dreamless.A frozen and enchanted sleep.The dwarfs had placed the coffin in the middle of a lush glade, like a huge crystal pebble forgotten by who knows who.But now the snow was starting to fall down, small hard and frozen flakes. The green carpet was losing its consistency under a metallic and impending sky. The snow was devouring the lawn.A human figure took form in the far horizon.A thin body, dressed in black, riding a black and nervous arab horse.His name was Night-Black. He was a knight. The last knight of his species. Dark species.A long and forgotten time ago, an old man had breathed the prophecy into his ears. He was bearing the burden of survival for his race. Misterious race.A naked and frozen girl was sleeping a poisoned sleep inside a transparent coffin. He should awake her and possess her. The fruit of that union would guarantee the survival of his breed. The girl's name was Snow-White. Snow-White and Night-Black. An ironic smile flashed across his pale and thin face.He started descending the slope, slowly, heading toward the white glade. His horse was nervous in a weirdd way. He tried to read the horse mind. Nothing. Then he looked up, he had a sharp eye and could see beyond human limits. In the far away horizon, another figure was taking shape.A muscular body, dressed in blue. A white horse.The prince. The rival he had to kill to fulfill the prophecy.His hand slipped gently to the sword hilt, his death companion. A sharp and silver blade, he pulled it out in a split second, as if it were the submissive extention of his muscly tatooed arm.He whispered something into his horse ears. The black and nervous creature started gallopping, raising a cloud of white and thin snow. Night-black had seen the Prince, the Prince had not seen Night-black.That was a crucially important detail.The Prince was descending the slope from the opposite side. Strange voices and whispers in his mind were telling him there was something or someone in that crystal coffin that would change his fate.His white horse was nervous, he gently caressed him and incited him to go on.When he turned back, it was too late.A white cloud materialized behind him. In the middle of the cloud, a dark shape and a glittering blade.The blade slided slowly into his elegant neck, piercing him with all its endless length.Death.Night-black took the sword to his heart and gave the last farewell to the Prince. He had hit him in the back. It was un unfair combat. Not his style.But that was not so important. His mission was the priority.Nignt-Black left death behind. He was thinking about life, now.He slowly rode down the slope, heading toward the crystal coffin.The snow was falling down lightly, devouring everything with its white carpet. He hated white, it hurt his eyes, two light grey lakes.Now his horse was quieter.He walked down the last stretch of the path. He kneeled down beside the transparent coffin and looked inside.Snow-white. Livid lips, once fiery red, almost transparent skin, black hair sticking to the frozen face.He raised the lid.He kissed her.And waited....waited....Nothing happened.
Shadows came. Night, at last, his inseparable friend.He remained on his knees for several hours, senseless to cold. Now he knew every single detail of that still body. He felt a shiver running down his spine, he kissed her with immense tenderness,almost love. Those were unknown emotions to him.Nothing. The prophecy was false.He rose sharply and looked at the girl in anger. Who was she? What strange kind of power had she on him?He got close to his horse, it was nervous again, he tried to read its mind. He saw a woman. Fiery red lips, almost transparent skin, long dark hair sticking to her pale face. When he turned back, it was too late. White-snow pierced him in his heart with the long silver sword.Death.She started shivering and folded herself into his black mantel. Scent of blackness. She obsverved his naked body. It was covered with a texture of tatooes, a sort of mysterious script. She felt pity for him.She loaded the corpse on the horse with an agile movement and started climbing up the slope. She reached the point where the Prince had been killed and loaded his body on the horse, too. She continued along her
path. The snow was now falling down in larger flakes. Weary and cold.Snow-white possessed magic powers, which the long sleep had partly blurred. Hardly, she started whispering magic and obscure words. It was of crucial importance to reach Mother-Mistress.She kept walking for a long time. At last, in the horizon, the sweet shape of a white house started to take form.The house of Mother-Mistress.She had been waiting for her for so many years. Welcome my Daughter, she hugged and kissed her tenderly.The Mother's body was beautiful, impossible to describe. It was made to seduce and kill.Snow-white laid down the two bodies in front of the Mother. The prophecy had been fulfilled. The loving kiss of a dark knight had given her infinite powers on Good and Evil.From that moment on, the world would have never been the same.
/the text was written by G.Brunelli/

GIORGIA BRUNELLI /1966, Trento, Italy/is working into the field of contemporary ceramics and porcelain objects and installations since 1997. Her works are presented in collective exhibitions and curatorial projects in Italy. Lives and works in Italy.

LUCIANO OLZER /Pergine, Italy/ is working into the field of contemporary art since 1990. For his artistic research used video, photography, sounds, dances. His projects were presented in curatorial exhibitions, festivals, fairs in Italy, Lithuania and Bulgaria. Lives and works in Pergine, Italy.

"Snow-White and Night-Black" was presented in Kunstart 10 - VII International fair for modern and contemporary art/ Bolzano, Italy, march 2010/ from Bulart gallery and it was part of "Urban dialogues" project, curator Dora Doncheva.

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