"Dindele dondele" in THE SOUNDING DOOR, Vilnius

In Vilnius, Lithuania from 28 September to 6 October 2009 is presentation of international conceptual project "Talking doors" with curator Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas. The project is part of the international program for Vilnius – European culture capital for 2009.
In the project's part "The Sounding door" after selection participate 17 artists from 10 countries. Italian project "Dindele Dondele" made by Paolo Vivian /performance/ and Luciano Olzer /sound editing/ with curator Dora Doncheva-Bulart is participating in the prestigious event. The audience is listening the italian sound installation from 28 September to 6 October in Central Lithuanian Academy of Music .
The sound art installation The Sounding Door explores the potential of the door’s sonic aesthetics. The special electronic equipment installed in the front door of the building of Lithuanian Academy of Music enables artistic projects from all of the world to sonify the act of opening or closing the door and the ritual of stepping over the threshold. The participating authors will shape the door’s sonic character, create the building’s “voice”, and make their contribution to the city’s soundscape or just compose music for the door. The latter will become both the instrument and the stage, while the composers and the “users” of the door alike will act as performers. The selected compositions are playing by opening/closing the door augmented with specially integrated electronics..Participants are in the Talking Doors catalogue.
More about “Dindele Dondele” :
“Dindele dondele” project by Paolo Vivian
Curator : Dora Doncheva-Bulart; Participators: Paolo Vivian / musical adaptation,performance/, Luciano Olzer /sound editing, montage/
Technique: sound installation by church bells, ringing in Church “Saint George”, Serso di Pergine , Italy, 2009
"Dindele Dondele” project by Paolo Vivian is a result of his performance, realized during the patronal feast of St.George church in Serso di Pergine in Italy /2009/. Vivian enters into the role of bells ringer and goes back to the time, when the bells sound was part of the daily life of people, the assurance of religious freedom and joy. The project seeks changes in socio-religious attitudes and attempts to provoke reflection on taboo in it. The song of the bells of Vivian is a message for evolution of present religious behavior. The sound of the bells as a symbol of faith and it creates a mean for human contemporary communication. The project tries to delete culture borders and differences. The bell’s sound alikes a door to the new human, the human being of 21 century who can be open to difference and same time it is a door for insider space where lies our alter-ego, our voice for freedom. The sound installation /editing by Luciano Olzer/ transmits the Italian melody to different places in the world. It is a messenger of positive energy. It is a message to be free and to express faith and joy. Dora Doncheva –Bulart, curator
short cv of the autors:
Paolo Vivian /1962, Serso di Pergine, Italy/
His artistic interest is in field of contemporary arts by installation, video art, performance and sculpture. He has participation in international contemporary art fairs, festivals, symposiums and curatorial exhibitions in Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. He has more of 10 solo exhibitions in public cultural intuitions, private galleries and culture centers in Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania. He has several awards for sculpture in prestigious international events in France, Luxembourg, Italy etc. His works are part of public collection in Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway etc. He lives and works in Italy. more details in http://www.paolovivian.it/
Luciano Olzer /1953, Pergine Valsugana, Italy/
He works in field of contemporary arts by video art, live music performance, multimedia and sound installations. Since of 1993 he has realized many projects /solo and collaboration/ in public spaces, museums, castels and cultural centers, also in private galleries in Italy, Bulgaria and Lithuania. He lives and works in Italy. more details in http://www.lucianoolzer.it/
Central Lithuanian Academy of Music entry (str. 42) ,Vilnius, Lithuania
official program (updated every 2 minutes) :
9-19 pm. September 28 - October 6 2009
participators:Giulio Aldinucci [IT], Eli Chochova [MK], Dora Doncheva-Bulart [BG], Maria Juur [EE], Neil Kaczor [UK], Dagmar Kase [EE], Eimantas Kutra [LT], Kevin Logan [UK], Paul Nataraj [UK], Luciano Olzer [IT], Ufuk Onen [TR], Hugo Paquete [PT], Fred Pinault [FR], Shawn Pinchbeck [CA], Nada Prija [UK/MK], Augustas Ribokas [LT], Julijonas Urbonas [LT], Paolo Vivian [IT]

more for the project /in english/:

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