monochrome poetry by danil jordanov

monochrome poetry into silver and grey lightly harmonies....
danil jordanov.painting.
bulart gallery.
22 shipka str.varna.
Danil Jordanov /1972/ was born in Balchik ,Bulgaria. In 1997 he was graduated painting department at Veliko Tarnovo University. He has 7 solo exhibitions in privite and public spaces in Varna, Balchik, Dobrich and Sofia. He has taken participation in several prestigous curatorial projects, contemporary art international festivals and collective exhibitions by selection , in which most important are The international contemporary festival "Process-Space",Balchik /1994, 1995, 2006/ , International biennial for visual arts "August in arts",Varna / 2004 - 2006/, gallery Krag plus , Sofia /2009/, M-tel annual exhibition for bulgarian contemporary arts /2009/ etc. He has Bulart gallery annual prize for young artists /2008/ and Stalker studio /2006/. He lives and works in Varna.

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