HOMO ERECTUS project of italian artist Paolo Vivian in AUGUST IN ART 2008 VARNA

from August 7 until September 17 the Sixth edition of the AUGUST IN ART visual arts biennial takes place in Varna, Bulgaria. It presents 96 bulgarian and 187 foreigner artists from 47 countries. from August 7 until August 18, 41 exhibitions and artistic events are opening in 19 museums, private galleries and public spaces in Varna. The biennial is organized by City Art Gallery "Boris Georgiev ",Varna, the Georgi Velchev Art Museum and the Varna Minicipality.The main curator of AUGUST IN ART 2008 is art critic Philip Zidarov.The sixth edition passes under the LOCAL/GLOBAL motto-two essences and important concepts, especially up -to-date now in the context of the contemporary trends and state of the world and man. In this edition in BULART gallery is invited italian artist PAOLO VIVIAN /1962, Serso di Pergine/with his project installation and video "Homo Erectus". In his project he search deeper in collective memory. He make a totem of fire. Fire is symbol of human vital energy, means for connection with the spirit and freedom. Homo erectus is first human who can control fire and this metafore Vivian use in his performance made in Italy. Part of it is the base of his video /composition by Luciano Olzer /. The tools for artistic travelling of Vivian in global and local culture and memory are real fire at action, photos into chrome boxes and videoart. Presentation of project "Homo erectus" in BULART gallery /22 Shipka str,Varna/ is on 9 august 7 p.m. AUGUST IN ART 2008 starts today at . 7 p.m.! wellcome !

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