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Kaloyan Iliev -Kokimoto "Samples of reality" project, collage, 2009

Paolo Vivian "Dindele Dondele campano" project, detail , photography, 2009

Boris Serginov , detail from project "Political economy of portrait", objects, 2009
Angel Karagiozov "Trought-froms" project, object, detail, 2009

Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova, "Girls and the sea", 8 mart group,curator Maria Vassileva, 2002

Donika Kirova, Love drawings,painting, 2005

Vesselin Dimov, object, paper, steel wire, 1996

 Kolio Karamfilov, "Home/less",painting, 2001 from
his solo exhibition "And what of that"

"Dead-lock", Nedko Solakov and Svetlin Russev, curator Vessela Nozharova, 2004


Bulart gallery was founded in 1996 in Varna, Bulgaria. It presents modern and contemporary art by local and international artists. Conceptual projects by artistic groups, works by curator teams and individual artist research are a part from gallery work. The program “Youth art” searches new art trends in young generation. Bulart has taken participation in international art projects, festivals and fairs, most important of them are international biennial for visual art “August in art “ /Varna, 2000-2008/, international festival for contemporary art “Product” / Varna, 2007-2008/,Kunstart –art fair for modern and contemporary art /Bolzano, 2008, 2010/, Artvilnius – international fair for contemporary art /Vilnius, 2009/ etc. Bulart has a grant police and established annual grant for art students. The part of important projects in the gallery`s history : “Mery-go-round”, photo installation, video by Dimitrina Sevova /Switzerland, 1999/, Stanislav Pamukchiev “Morfi”, installation, objects /2000/,“And what?”, painting by Kolio Karamfilov/ 2001/, ”The girls and the sea”, female art group 8 mart, curator Marya Vassileva /2002*/, Neno Belchev , paintings /2003/, Vesselin Dimov, video installation “5 minutes sky” /2003/, David D'Agostino /USA/ , "Lost in ruins", installation / 2003/, Cvetan Krastev ,”40”, print installation /2004/, ”The dead-lock”, Nedko Solakov and Svetlin Roussev, curator Vessela Nozharova /2004/, Svilen Blazhev, painting / 2004/, “Tangrams for friends”, prints , prof. Vladimir Ivanov /2005/, ”Instanbul on the focus”, road action& exbition, curator Dora Doncheva, Varna-Istanbul, /2005/, “Gondoliero”, action, Raya /2005/ ,”Pink”, street action /2005/, painting by Vassil Stoev / 2006/, Emil Mirazchiev, “Evrobear”, performance, video, /2007/, “The gallery”, installation by Matthias Biermann and Stephanie Gerner /Berlin, 2007/, “INFINITY”, Simeon Stoilov, installation /2007/, Paolo Vivian /Italy/ “Homo Erectus”, installation ,video /2008/, Stephan Halter/ Germany/ “Pigsartpigs”, painting, installation /2009/, “Trought forms”, installation by Angel Karagiozov / 2009/, “You are involved just like me “, collages by Kaloyan Iliev- Kokimoto /2009/, “Impossible cities”, video installation, Lemeh 42 /Italy/, 2009, “Political economy of the portrait”, vinyl by Boris Serginov / 2009/ etc. Bulart gallery is editor of Art News Bulletin / since 2000/- bimonthly edition for art news , contests, artists-in-residences, exhibitions, fairs. Bulart gallery is co-partner of the weekend for contemporary art in Varna “con.tempo”. Bulart gallery organizes workshops and education rooms. Bulart works with collaboration with public culture institutions, art schools and culture societies- local and international.
The curator of the gallery is Dora Doncheva - Bulart .

Bulart gallery, 22 Shipka str., Varna, 9000, Bulgaria
phone: + 359 887 244 882; e-mail: dorabulart@gmail.com
working time : 1 - 7 p.m. by appointment;sunday closed

* for project "Girls and the sea" /2002/ you can see more in http://mart8.ica-sofia.org/girls_sea.html

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