Bulart Gallery : Markéta Váradiová | Specularis

фондация "Рая Георгиева"
живопис и инсталация обекти от стъкло
30|09 - 04|10|2017

откриване : 30 септември 2017 от 19.00ч
Варна| Шипка 22
Raya Georgieva Foundation
painting . installation glass objects

opening: 30 |09 at 19.00
22 Shipka st. Varna 9000 Bulgaria

artist for the project
"In my work light constitutes fundamental connections: both the motive and working tool. Recently I engage in a theme of space and light; I work with the reflection of light situations and their mutual interaction. In case of my paintings light exists as a space creator, in case of mirror objects as a information superhighway. I record inner relations of real spaces and through transparent and translucent mediums I create fictive spaces. Every area is changed by the effect of light. This change doesn´t materialize only through our reception – it´ s real. The meaning of light for live is reflected in the power of emotions, which are connected to the light. The light may fill up the space, or makes it empty. If time is the fourth dimension, light is the fifth one.

The Specularis project was created according to specificity of the exhibition space of Bulart gallery. I will present set of small format paintings and glass/mirror objects in installation. Paintings are introspective - they contain image of reality - not only in transcription of external impulse, but every time completed in mind. Those images are outdoor spaces reduced by expression and colour. Their principle is in simplification and visual extract of reality. As opposite is here few mirror objects, which are in their basis extrovert, they break surrounding space, make borders obscure and infiltrate gallery space. " 

MARKÉTA VÁRADIOVÁ was born 1973 Jablonci nad Nisou, Czech Republic where she lives and works. She studied Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava and Lithuania, Vilnius Dailes Academy.
She is a conceptual and minimalist artist. Her art is characterized by the scientific approach and minimalistic character, associated with a certain kind of spiritual interference. Her creations - installations, sculptures or objects have visual effects through physical phenomena. Its subjects are the light and reflections and the depth of space. She participates in many curatorial projects, collective exhibitions, symposiums and contemporary art festivals in Czechia and abroad. Winner of prizes and creative wages in Czech Republic and Italy. Her works are part of the public collections in Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania.

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