kaloyan iliev- kokimoto.kunstart 10

"Toy story I", collage, acrylic on canvas, 60/60 cm,2010

"Toy story II", collage, acrylic on canvas, 60/60 cm,2010

Urban dialogues project by Bulart gallery for Kunstart 10- international fair for modern and contemporary art, Bolzano, Italy, 4-7 March 2010

Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto /1979,Varna,Bulgaria/
Graduated MA in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in St.Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo,Bulgaria /2007/ and Specialization from the Graphic Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland /2008/. Lives and works in Varna.

Intersection project. Kunstart 10. Bulart gallery

Kaloyan Iliev- Kokimoto /1979,Varna,Bulgaria/ - SAMPLES OF REALITY project,collages
About the project: “Rebelling against the deceivable present of the past in one manipulative reality and its connection with the present day political and economical global worldwide changes, I build “samples of reality” which are in a process of hardening while the future is coming closer. Besides, any thought – shape could be demolished and changed before it has got harder, in 3D as in concrete reality. Man can and should change the world, and this is possible only if he shows activity….Once “fixed and settled” the event cannot be changed. It is dependent explicitly on us when and how this could happen!” /Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto/

INTERSECTIONS-An European Network for Contemporary Emerging Art
Project room reserved to 16 European galleries of contemporary art selected among those participating at KunStart,are called to set up 16 personal exhibitions of 16emerging artists,under 35,in dialogue with 16 promising local artists,under 35.The aim of this project is to trigger processes of networking at European level between the selected galleries, and to facilitate to take contact with the local reality and in particular with local museums and institutions.
ORGANIZING/SELECTION COMMITTEE::Valerio Deho (curator of KunSt Merano Arte); Martina Morocutti (curator of KunStart); Lisa Trockner (curator of the Sudtiroler Kunstlerbund); David Tomasi (curator of CRAM of Mezzocorona); Luca Bradamante (curator of Very Contemporary).The committee will interact with the following museums and institutions: Museion and Arge_Kunst (Bolzano), Kunst Merano Arte (Merano), Galleria Civica di Trento (Trento).

curator of the projects: Dora Doncheva

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