PS TV Market, Plamen Solomonski, he/art/mythology project,bulart gallery,artvilnius 2009

PS TV Market.video.Plamen Solomonski.2005
In "PS TV market", in which the artisy derides popular TV ads, which sell appliances omnifarious beauty, healthy living and "unique" goods for the household. The artist offers television viewers in exactly the same style as the TV ads "ground art". In case he spare his own graphic works which are highly appreciated by the fans. "Thus delivered art (ground and preserved) should become easier to" consumption "of all social groups in general and people will respect it," says Plamen Solomonski.
Plamen Solomonski /1970, Targovishte, Bulgaria/ he graduated in MA in “Bsh. K. Preslavsky” University , Shumen, Bulgaria , “Pictorial and Plastic Arts Teaching /1995 – 2000/. Member of AIAP , UNESCO and Association of the Bulgarian Artists. Since 2006 live and work in Trento, Italy.
he/art/mythology project.bulart gallery.artvilnius.8-12 july 2009

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