the gallery project.i want to be bigger.matthias biermann.bulart gallery.he/art/mythology project.artvilnius 2009

the gallery project. i want to be bigger. video installation.matthias biermann

" The videoinstallation “ I want to be bigger” is a play with sizes, relations and meanings.First we have the box, which the artist named THE GALLERY. The box is open, but still a room for itself. If you see the open box in a usual art exhibition space, the box appears like a miniature of the surrounding area; a white cube in a white cube. It is a very small meaningless room and object. The visitor focuses the room, the object, to make a difference to the surrounding area. Of course focusing something small, means to make the same thing bigger. Looking on the inside of THE GALLERY, we see a little white doll without head. Inside the small box the doll appears big, but in relation to the surrounding outside of the box, the doll appears small. Behind, on the videoscreen, in the gallery box, we see a speaking head, perhaps the missing head of the doll in front of the screen. In relation to the doll and the gallery box , the head on the screen is really big, so that the body of the doll nearly disappears in the speaking head. But In relation to a real human head, the head on the screen is small and also the whole installation is small. So ,while change from an interior view to an exterior view we can perhaps understand, that the head repeats only one sentence: “I want to be bigger”. " Matthias Biermann

Matthias Biermann was born 1965 in Berlin ,Germany. He has gratuated in german language and literature studies, Saarbrucken, Manheim, Berlin /1986-1989/ and art studies in HDK Berlin /1990-1996/. Lives and works in Berlin.

he/art/mythology project.bulart gallery.artvilnius. 8-12 july

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