bulart gallery in kunStart 2012

Bulart gallery

Hall B   Stand B10-67
Bolzano. Piazza Fiera 1

 Kunstart 2012
16-18 march 2012

Bulart gallery will participate in kunStart 2012 with

"Supermercato in Neverland" - international  art positive project

Avela Admon /Germany/, Boris Pramatarov /Bulgaria/ , 
Claudio Foradori /Italy/,Ilka Peycheva /Bulgaria/ , 
Ivan Kostolov/Bulgaria/ , Ivo Bistrichki /Bulgaria/,
Luciano Civettini /Italy/, Marleen Andreev /Germany/ 
and Paolo Vivian /Italy/.
artists in the project -> click here


The project is focused under present culture of consumption where 
art and art production become just a part of machinery for pleasures and 
where the art lovers are only statistic objects in art marketing 
departments. "Supermercato in Neverland" searches an imaginary
 land where art is pure, where the artist and his audience still can 
dreaming. Neverland as a land for fairytales in urban reality.
The dose of irony and sadness crossed with optimism
 and beauty. Digital prints, photographs, sculptures, paintings and 
street art objects create the  parts of our journey to Neverland
curator : Dora Doncheva- Bulart

“The Glocal Rookie of the Year” -

The international art prize has been created by the Südtiroler
 Sparkasse Trust and “kunStart” to support up-and-coming artists in their
careers and to underpin Bolzano’s reputation as a centre of culture.
For this edition of the international award  “The Glocal Rookie of
the Year”  Bulart Gallery has presented Boris Pramatarov (BG)
with his work "Body " ( drawing, digital print, 30x45 cm) created
in last year during his artist residence in South Korea.
It is a part of project "Tormentor" where his artistic
 attention is focused under human behavior in urban world.
Boris Pramatarov ( 1989, Sofia) works in field of graphics,
illustration, street art and paper objects and comics.
He has interest in urban culture, social relationships
and future of the planet. Main subject in his works is
 present man. His style has laconic form and
delicate line of irony and political sarcasm.

practical information:
opening of the fair : 16 march 2012  10 am
opening party : 16 march  7 pm
working time of kunstart : 16-18 march 2012 from 10:00 to 18:00;
                                  on 16th march from 10:00 to 22:00

17th march 2012  at  3 p.m. in Hall B stand B10-67   
Bulart Gallery Club meeting and glass of aperitif :-) 
Pls confirm your presence  by e-mail.
www.kunstart.it ; 
www.glocalrookie.it ; 
more information about the project is coming soon

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