exi[s]t>15 bulart>artists

exi[s]t>15 bulart >artists

alessandra arno’ ( milano,italy) is graduated in brera art academy in milan. she works in field of photography and video. her attention is focused over visual and technological "gaps", the aberrations of which are distorting our perception of the real, and likes re-defining such boundaries. she has taken participation in many important videoart exhibitions, festivals,contests and curatorial projects in italy and abroud. realized solo exhibitions in Italy and bulgaria. actually she is co-founder and project manager of visualcontainer and director of visualcontainer tv.since 2010 she is a co-director of [.box] videoart project space in milan, italy where she lives.
angel karagiozov (1978, varna, bulgaria) has finished his art education in hochschule für angewandte kunst, vienna in 2003 and he had specialization in ecole nationale supérieure d'arts, paris – cergy in 2005. he has taken participation in several exhibitions and curatoral projects in germany, italy, austria, france and bulgaria. he has 5 solo exhibitions in austria,france and bulgaria. member of berufsverband bildender künstler österreichs and international association of art. since 2006 lives and works in varna.
antonya koleva -nitra (1983, yambol, bulgaria) works in the field of painting, graphics and digital arts. graduated of university "st. cyril and methodius ",v.tarnovo in 2006 master of graphic design;she specialized in academy of fine arts in lodz , Poland in 2008. she has several solo exhibitions in bulgaria, france, poland. participated in curatorial projects and festivals for contemporary art in bulgaria, france. interested in the problems of modernit and the position of present women. lives and works in varna.

bora petkova ( 1979, varna, bulgaria), graduates from the national academy of fine arts in sofia, bulgaria in 2004 with mfa in sculpture. works with various media, creating mostly site-specific and process based works, which the artist explores as an interaction between personal decisions and external factors. among her projects, presented in individual exhibitions and work in process in bulgaria ,italy, germany, turkey, greece, russia, romania in international forums for contemporary arts. in 2010 received the unicredit full grant for the unidee in residence international program at cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto biella, italy. currently she attends the lichtenberg studios international residence program in berlin, germany in a collaboration project with hr-stamenov, with the support of goethe institute, sofia, bulgaria.
dimitar traychev (1952, shumen, bulgaria) in 1976 graduated the moscow state university of arts and industry (former stroganov higher school) in russia . member of the union of bulgarian artists, painting and poster sections, since 1981. co- curator of the august in art festival (biennale since 2008) of visual arts, varna and of the stalker and friends project, georgi velchev art museum, varna (2000-2008). art director in the stalker graphic design studio in varna, since 1991.participated in many individual exhibitions bulgaria, finland, russia, hungary. lives and works in varna, bg.
ivan kostolov (1972, plovdiv, bulgaria) in 1991 graduated the secondary school for scenic artists in plovdiv,in 1996 – stage design at the national academy of arts in sofia. he studied at the max-weber-haus college for german language and culture of the university in heidelberg, in 2001 he was student at the art academy in mainz, in the class of professor klaus vogelgesang. he graduated the stadelschule state higher school of fine arts, frankfurt/main, in 2006, in the classes of professor herman nitsch and professor christa naher. completed the master’s class of professor christa naher. member of the union of bulgarian artists (uba) since 2007. lives and works in plovdiv.
kaloyan iliev - kokimoto (1979, varna, bulgaria ) has ma in fine arts in veliko tarnovo university, bulgaria and specialization in graphics in academy of fine arts, lodz, poland. he has taken participation in several international collective exhibitions and curator projects in bulgaria, poland, turkey, italy, denmark, macedonia, france, belgium, canada and spain. he has ten solo exhibitions in bulgaria, danmark, italy and poland, and five awards for prints and ex libris from international forums for graphic arts in poland, spain, italy, macedonia and bulgaria. lives and works in varna, bulgaria.
mark o'leary (1969, cork, ireland) is guitarist, sound artist and selectronic music composer. graduated the musicians institute in los angeles in 1988. He has an interest in urban environmental and industrial field recording and the unique properties they evoke. He has composed and performed string quartets, as well playing with many of the major voices in contemporary jazz. his sound installations was presented in ireland, usa, bulgaria. lives and works in cork.
marleen andreev (1981, dresden, germany) graduated the academy of fine arts in dresden, germany, where he is currently completing a doctorate. her artistic interests are focused on environmental issues and relationships of modern man and nature. working in the field of alternative photography she presented her works in solo exhibitions in germany, italy and bulgaria. participated in international projects for contemporary photography in germany. lives and works in dresden.
marco de sanctis (1983 , milano, Italy ) lives in brussels, belgium.graduated painting and graphics the art academy of brera, milan in 2009. by erasmus program he taken specialization in sculpture and stop motion animation in flamish academy of fine arts, st. nicholas, belgium. in 2010 completed ma in sculpture at royal academy of arts, brussels, belgium. working in the field of video art, animation, installation. author's approach is typical manipulation and play by meanings. questions of human nature and processes its of transformation is in the focus of his attention. presented his works in museum ianchelevici ,la louviere, burganov museum, moscow, russia.participated also in curatorial projects in belgium, italy, germany and bulgaria. lives and works in brussels.
neno belchev ( 1971, varna, bulgaria) is a multidisciplinary artist. graduated the fine art academy,sofia in "mural" department in the class of prof.dimo zaimov. winner of numerous international awards for video art and artist-in-residences programs in portugal, france, japan, china, russia. participated in numerous curatorial projects and international festivals for contemporary art in bulgaria and in abroad. presented individual exhibitions in bulgaria, italy, japan, turkey.curator of international video art festival "videoholica”. lives and works in varna.
paolo vivian (1962, serso, italy) is a multidisciplinary artist. his artistic interests are focused into the modality of collective memory, identity and human behavior. he used by means objects, wood, iron, sound, video, nature or people for his artistic games into the field of performance, installations and sculpture. participated in many curatorial projects, collective exhibitions, international symposiums, festivals and art fairs in italy and in abroad since 1985. he has international art awards in italy, france, austria, netherlands, bulgaria more of ten individual presentations in Italy, lithuania, bulgaria. his monumental works are part of public collections in netherlands, norway, luxembourg, Italy, france, austria. lives and works in palu del fersina, trento, italy.
peter mintchev ( 1979, varna, bulgaria) . in 1998 his family immigrated to canada, where he graduated with bfa and mfa degrees from the university of british columbia. he has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in canada, austria and bulgaria. in 2010 he was nominated for the gaudenz b. ruf award for young contemporary artist, and in 2011 he was shortlisted for the baza award for contemporary art.lives and works in varna.
samuil stoyanov (1975, dobrich, bulgaria) is a multidisciplinary artist. works in the field of installation, painting, performance, objects. his creative interests have socio-political aspects with strong ironic nature. graduated the national fine art academy, sofia in 2001.realized many solo-exhibitions in bulgaria, austria and usa. winner of numerous awards for contemporary art, including the award for contemporary art baza, which provide him with six weeks creative stay in iscp - new york. lives and works in dobrich.
simeon stoilov ( 1971, yambol, bulgaria), graduated the national academy of fine arts, sofia in “painting”, with prof. svetlin russev in 1996. member of bulgarian artists' union. participated in many international festivals for contemporary arts and curatorial projects in bulgaria, italy, lithiania, germany. his art works has minimalistic character and philosophic approach. winner of awards for painting. lives and works in sofia.
stephan halter ( 1977, hildesheim, germany). in 1999 graduated german language, linguistics and german literature in the university of leipzig. his contemporary arts activities started since 2000. he works in the field of installation, painting, ready-made,video, text. he use or imitates objects from everyday life,he plays with accepted concepts and manipulates a meanings.he has publications in german journals and literary anthology of modern prose. participated in many exhibitions in germany, ucraina, uk, spain. founding of the artist-team st. & st. together with stephanie gerner, and presented in georgia, germany, uk, usa, russia. his works are part of collection in museo brasileiro da escultura, sao paulo (brasil). lives and works in berlin.
stella vesselinova (1971, varna, bulgaria) graduated the gerrit rietveld academie in amsterdam, specializing in architectural design in 2001. her works including design, installations and space interventions.in recent years her interest as a designer and artist focuses on behavior patterns which structure the space of everyday life and cartography as a creative practice.participated in many international project for contemporary arts in netherlands and bulgaria. lives and works in amsterdam.
tzvetan krastev (1961, varna,bulgaria ) graduated from the fine hight art school in kazanlak in 1981. numerous exhibitions in bulgaria in period 2000 -2010 - installations, performances, video, space interaction, actions. participated in international forums for contemporary art, video, parformances in bulgaria, denmark, china, switzerland. winner of art awards in bulgaria, czech republic, latvia. lives and works in varna.
prof. vladimir ivanov (1946, varna, bulgaria). in 1975 graduated the fine art academy, sofia . participated in many curatorial projects for contemporary art, festivals, biennials in bulgaria and in abroad. one of the founders of art group “vartna”. individual exhibitions presented in private galleries and public institutions in bulgaria, netherlands, germany,italy. his works are part of collections in city galleries in varna and sofia, graphic study, dresden, national library, paris, library of congress in washington, collection "meiji" in tokyo. since 2004 he is the professor by drawing at varna free university in architecture department. lives and works in varna.
raya georgieva (1978 -2009 ) varna, bulgaria. in 2002 graduated sculpture in fine arts department, at the university of v.tarnovo city in the class of prof.velichko minekov. in 2005 - member of the international association of monumental sculptures, 2007 -member of the union of bulgarian artists.she has taken participation in many international festivals, curator`s projects and exhibitions in france, italy, turkey and bulgaria ( 2004-2009); participation in many international plenary sessions and symposiums for stone and wood in france, italy ,bulgaria and turkey since 1999. since 2002 realized 12 individual exhibitions, projects and actions in bulgaria, turkey, italy and greece .winner of 8 international and national awards for projects in sculpture. her artworks are part of public collections in bulgaria, turkey, france, italy. her art interest was focused into contradictions between human nature, spirit and ordinary life. she worked into the field of sculpture, installation, objects, paintings and photography, she used text by a mean. co-founder of bulart gallery in 1996. ideator and patron of contempo weekend - international festival for artists under 35 organized by foundation in her honor.

the project exi[s]t>15 bulart noted 15 anniversary of bulart gallery.it has a second part.it will be published a book aith atitle "exi[s]t.the verbal self-oprtrait of the artist now" which collectes the images of the exhibition with interviews with the authors.presentation of the book is planing for the end of january 2012.

curator fo the project is dora doncheva.exhibition rund to the end of january.
more about the concept youcould see there /english is bellow/ :
exi[s]t >15 bulart>concept

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