memo.real .collateral event.august in art biennial.varna.2010

alessandra arno'/италия/. "overlook". видео инсталация.фотография
галерия "буларт". ул."шипка" 22. варна
откриване : 8 август от 19 ч

memo.real - кураторски проект на дора дончева.съпътстваща програма на "август в изкуството".биенале на визуалните изкуства.варна.2010

alessandra arno /italy/."overlook". video installation.digital photography
bulart gallery. 22 shipka str. varna. bulgaria
opening:08-08-2010 at 7 p.m.

memo.real is a curatorial project by dora doncheva-bulart dedicates to urban cultural behavior and present forms of collective memory.it is a collateral event into the program of august in art.biennial for visual arts. varna. bulgaria. 2010

about "overlook" project alessandra arno' writes:

"Everything arises from a paradox.Derrick De Kerkhove during a Seminar in Bordeaux in 2006 stated that the geographic expansion of our thought goes well beyond our national boundaries: this would happen in an unconscious way, even though he urges that we should have to go over the notions of consciousness and unconsciousness. According to this, we’re living in a world where we constantly face globalization and cannot escape a global dimension of being anymore.
There we thus assist to a “modelling” of affection, to a collective synchronization that make us simultaneously go through the science progress and its failures, within a sort of joint consciousness. The web, the social networks and GoogleEarth have overexposed the individual in the last decades, providing us with the chance of being always visible and present, ready to receive messages and communicate, further to offering a watchful eye on what once were the insurmountable limits of human perception. That’s why we’re talking about media omnipresence, virtual ubiquity and synchronization towards global information.
Science progress is getting to “science fiction”, with no attention to ethical and scientific limitations or to side effects induced by an accelerated progress.
This preamble being, we could be prone to think that technology and science are undergoing a time of “Enlightenment” clearness, that researchers and scholars are progressing under the guidance of true knowledge and farsightedness.
In fact, according to Paul Virilio what we’re undergoing is a real getting back to researching the invisible, to bearing out what cannot be verified, to a Faith into what cannot be either seen or touched. Virilio thinks that scientists are nowadays involved with the investigation of the dark matter and its relevant hidden energy (the particle of God and antimatter – Cern, Genevre), thus accepting all that is not perceived and not expected rather than what is visible and clear.
Such is the paradox, then: in so a highly computerized, globalized and technological society, energies are being spent towards the intangible realm, and science thus becomes a science fiction narration in which everything is revisited and recreated, as if previous findings could bear no value in comparison with all the new ones that could possibly change or even shake the socio-cultural and environmental balances.
A clear will to manipulate the very nature of things under this intention is apparent, in order to re-create an “other” history and an “other” planet through programmes and applications.
My project originates here: from a sort of collective sensitiveness, that can eventually approach a clear resolution only within the intangibility of Faith or the unconsciousness necessary to re-map the historical and geographical properties of the whole planet.
Revisiting the collective tragedies and faithfully watching over the unknown world presented by the science fiction.
The video artworks Stars (2004) and Earth (2010) are a part of this project I’ve been working on for many years, related to the technological gaps affecting the human unconsciousness.
Stars seem to be dealing with a starry sky, that in fact is a starry sky colliding into the viewer, or ever a never ending rain of missiles. The usual poetry of the falling star and relevant message of good omen is distorted into a message of total war and mass destruction. The sky has become a dangerous and deadly place.
Earth presents a post-atomic scenery instead, in which technology is spying on science and no longer able to control its catastrophic side effects; in which media overexposion is a way of controlling and scheduling all individuals; in which nature has partially survived but lost energy; in which everything is standing still.
There we assist to the image of a dying planet, and mankind is upside-down looking at this disquieting prospect bound to the unknown, to the darkness, and cannot help but being fascinated by this new tech Faith.
Cosmic Strip
This the new story, the new Holy scripture, presenting astronauts and satellites as the new spiritual guides and the cathedrals of such a new Faith devoted to the unknown and incomprehensible."

Alessandra Arno works and lives in Milan,Italy.She graduated in Brera Art Academy in Milan and she makes the most of the expressive features of photogragh and video. Her attention is focused over visual and technological "gaps", the aberrations of which are distorting our perception of the real, and likes re-defining such boundaries.She has taken participation in many important videoart exhibitions,festivals,contests and curatorial projects in Utrech, Lisbona, Novosibisk, Paris, Belfast, Usa, Dublin, Hungary, Syria, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong etcc.Her works have been presented also in Italy within video screenings and exhibitions in Milano, Roma, Brescia, Torino, Pescara, Firenze, Napoli together with other operators of national and international reputation. She realized solo exhibitions in Roma /2002/ and Brescia, Ken Damy Contemporary Photo Museum /2002/.Actually she is co-founder and project manager of Visualcontainer and Director of VisualcontainerTV International Videoart webTV.Since May 2010 she is a co-Director of [.BOX] Videoart Project Space, a videoart gallery based in Milan.

more info about memo.real project you can find in http://bulartgallery.blogspot.com/2010/08/memoreal-project.html
/still in bulgarian but soon in english too ;-)/

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