DING DONG, performance by Paolo Vivian, ARTVILNIUS

DING DONG.Performance by Paolo Vivian /Italy/during ARTVILNIUS.
Curator: Dora Doncheva – Bulart
Time: 10 july 2009 17:30 - 18:00
11 july 2009 11:00 – 11:30

Place: BULART gallery , stand 4.2 ,hall 4, LITEXPO, ARTVILNIUS, VILNIUS, LITHUANIA

Italian artist Paolo Vivian /1962, Serso di Pergine / is known for his artistic research in the field of collective memory. He represents in ARTVILNIUS by Bulart gallery. In his last projects he has interest about contemporary religious attitude, he’s looking for personal indentify into contemporary socio-culture relationships. In his projects his games with audience is part of transformation of the concepts and same time is a tool for provocation. He plays different roles and his games are with concepts and social frames. Through his artistic games he changes the meaning and transforms the concepts.
Performance “Ding dong” is in close connection with his project “Dindele dondele campano”, part of “he/art/mythology” project of Bulart gallery in Artvilnis. Here he gives opportunity to the audience to be part of the game in his artistic imaginary temple, build up by objects installation and video in the gallery space. Vivian is playing with small bells traditional church music phrases. Performars from the audience are in his imaginary temple, listen music, ringing the same bells and express joy. The purpose of the artist is to provoke audience to express joy trought religoiuse symbols and music. His message is to be free and same time to don`t forget our traditions.

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