"he/art/mythology" project, ARTVILNIUS,Bulart gallery

Kaloyan Iliev- Kokimoto /1979,Varna/,
Semples of reality, collages,acril, 2009
Simeon Stoilov /1971, Yambol/ , Fragile/defective hearts,
object, detail, 2009

Matthias Biermann /1969, Berlin /, I want to be bigger,
videoinstallation, 2009

Plamen Solomonski /1970, Targovishte/ PS TV Market,video, 2005
Paolo Vivian /1962, Serso di Pergine/ ,
Dindele Dondele campano,installation,objects,video, 2009
"he/art/mythology" project.curator dora doncheva.bulart gallery.artvilnius.stand 4.2.hall4.vilnius.lithuania. 8 - 12 july 2009.litexpo.

Kaloyan iliev -Kokimoto.Matthias Biermann.Paolo Vivian.Plamen Solomonski.Simeon Stoilov.
5 artists from Bulgaria, Italy and Germany go in field of present social icons and ordinary concepts. In this 5 artistic researches we are looking for identify of the present man in our crazy chaotic reality. Love, urban life style, art system, religion, social frames are in a center of the artistic games. Romantic, provocative, radical and ironic the project express present worries of the players in art industry game and same time creates new icons close to present trendy in visual forms established of mass media and art leaders in the market. “he/art/mythology’ project is a game of words and exchange the meanings.It is a transformation of concepts and creation of false language. It’s about our habit to create fetishes and to live in false mythology. There is a message to be free following the traditions and expression of the worries about human existence in present times. Same time there are the questions about art system and the place of the present artist in it. And these questions are in base of the artist’s expression by the means of installation, video, objects and collages. Matthias Biermann /1969, Berlin, Germany/ with “I want to be biger”,video installation, Paolo Vivian /1962, Serso di Pergine,Italy/ with “Dindele Dondele campano “- installation,objects,video, Plamen Solomonski /1970,Targovishte, Bulgaria/ with “PS TV Market”, video, Simeon Stoilov /1971, Yambol,Bulgaria/ with “Fragile/Defective hearts”, objects and Kaloyan iliev- Kokimoto with “Samples of reality”, collages.They express the main line of “he/art/mythology” project in 40 sq.m. space of the stand 4.2 in hall 4 of Bulart gallery in First International fair for contemporary arts in Vilnius,Lithuania – ARTVILNIUS.Curator of the project is Dora Doncheva- Bulart.
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