„I’m the great, because I’m the great !”
Utopian fine art project by Kokimoto
17/02/2010 - 20/03/2010

short CV
Kaloyan Iliev – Kokimoto
Born in 1979, Varna. Graduated MA in Graphics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria /2007/ and Specialization from the Graphic Art Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland /2008/.Lives and works in Varna
selected group exhibitions
- ARTVILNIUS -Ist international fair for contemporary art,Vilnius,Lithuania,presented from Bulart gallery; International Print Triennial Krakow /Poland/;15th international Print Biennial Exhibition /Varna,Bulgaria/;Contemporary Bulgarian Art Prints /Higashi Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, Japan/;The First Alexandria Biennial for Miniature Graphics/Egypt/
2008- 1st International Printmaking Biennial Exhibition/Istanbul,Turkey/;XXXII International Ex Libris Congress /Beijing,China/;1st Contemporary Art Festival “Puzzle”/Burgas,Bulgaria/;XV International Naestved Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Prints Exhibition /Denmark/
2007- The 48th Annual Japan Print Society Exhibition /Sakima Art Museum,Okinawa
prefecture,Tokyo/;7th “Iosif Iser” International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition /Romania/; 13th Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and The Mediterranean /Puglia,Italy/; 3rd International Experimental Engraving Biennial,/Ilfov,Romania/; 27th Mini Print International Exhibition /Cadaques,Spain/; 23rd International Ex Libris Biennial Exhibition /Sint Niklaas,Belgium/;21st International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Ex Libris /Malbork,Poland/;5th Arte e Il Torchio Exhibition Contemporary Bulgarian Engravers /Cremona,Italy/;The First Frisian Small Print Biennial Exhibition /Leeuwarden,The Netherlands/;17th ShinKohanga Ex Libris Exhibition /Tokyo, Metropolitan Art Space,Japan/;14th international Print Biennial Exhibition /Varna,Bulgaria/;
2006- 2nd International Printmaking Exhibition Tabula Rasa /Istanbul,Turkey/;3rd International Ex Libris Exhibition /Lomazzo,Italy/;26th Mini Print International Exhibition /Cadaques,Spain/;The Iowa Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature Prints /USA/;Fine Arts International Exhibition Antonio Gualda Composer /Granada, Spain/;4th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, BIMPE IV /Canada/
solo exhibitions
- “Identity Lost”,1908 Gallery /Sofia,Bulgaria/;“You Are Involved… Just Like Me”,Bulart Gallery /Varna,Bulgaria/
2008- Showcase #1 “A Matter of Taste…”,Octopus Industries Studio /Sofia,Bulgaria/;“System Error”,FOF Gallery /Varna,Bulgaria/;Small Graphic Forms,Academy of Fine Arts and Design /Lodz,Poland/
2007-“Kokimoto in the Insane Land”,Comics Club,Perde Association /Varna,Bulgaria/
2006-“Permanent Drawings”,Museum Yanaki Manasiev /Veliko Turnovo,Bulgaria/
selected awards
2009-Bulart gallery annual award for young artist
2008- Award for young Artist, National Exhibition of Small Graphic Forms, SIBANK Gallery /Sofia,Bulgaria/; Grand Prix, 4th International Biennial of Mini Prints /Tetovo,Republic of Macedonia/;Silver Medal and Merit Diploma, 2nd Remo Palmirani’s Prize,Museo Ex Libris Mediterraneo /Ortona,Italy/;
2007- Honour Prize, VII International Ex Libris Competition /Gliwice,Poland/;1st Award for Engraving,Bulgaria Part of the European Puzzle,National Campaign of Meglena Kuneva /Sofia,Bulgaria/
2006- 2nd Award for Painting, Fine Arts International Contest “Antonio Gualda Composer”/Granada,Spain/

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